Enterprise E-mail Project

The Enterprise E-mail Project was established, as part of the Unified Communications Program, to address the challenges of the university's current e-mail environment and to deliver a university-wide e-mail and calendaring solution for faculty and staff. The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) partnered with the Office of Student Life to develop this university-wide system, which will simplify and improve communications, and ultimately support the university's long-term plans for unified communications.

Project Updates and News

December 2013: It has been a busy year for the project wrapping up Release 2 migrations and scheduling the remaining university areas to migrate. The updated schedule for remaining migrations is available online. The project is planned to finish as planned by June 2014.

January 2013: Release 2 migrations are more than 50% complete. Units migrating to the University E-mail Service this month are the Graduate School, the Administration, and the College of Dentistry. Units scheduled to migrate in February include the Offices of Business & Finance and Administration & Planning, the College of Nursing, and the Wexner Center for the Arts. Release 3 migration planning also began in earnest in December. Updated Release 2 and Release 3 migration schedules are available online.

November 2012: The E-mail Project Team put the finishing touches on a new migration tool called Transend Migrator, which will simplify and speed up the migration process. Use of the new migration tool and process began this month with the migrations of the Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative and the International Data Evaluation Center groups. Unit migrations scheduled for December include: the Office of International Affairs, the College of Education and Human Ecology, the Center for Special Needs Populations, and the John Glenn School of Public Affairs.

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Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments regarding the Enterprise E-mail Project or University E-mail Service, please use our contact form and one of our project team members will respond to your inquiry.